FeedbackReporter and Mantis integration

I’ve just written a small script to store reports generated by FeedbackReporter on a Mantis system.

It should come handy to keep track of your application crashes (crash? uh? My apps never crash! :-))

You can download it here.

Simply extract it on your webserver and edit config.php to adjust your settings.

It can work in two ways: if you’re installing it on the same server running mantis, set MANTIS_LOCAL to true and MANTIS_PATH to the root of your mantis installation.

Otherwise, you can even install it on a different server and let it communicate with your mantis via SOAP. In order to do this, set MANTIS_LOCAL to false and edit MANTIS_URL. This setup needs the SOAP extension of PHP5, so make sure it’s available.

Feedback is welcome, of course.

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