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Quick Sprites: CSS sprites, the easy way

The use of CSS sprites is a valuable techique for any web developer who wishes to optimize his web site, making it both faster for users and better ranked by search engines. However, it usually involves more work to pack … Continue reading

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The Lion, the Witch and the Xcode

…or maybe it was “The Lion, the Bug and the Xcode“? Anyway, if you just upgraded your system to Lion, then downloaded the new Xcode from the App Store, tried to run it just to get welcomed by a sparkling … Continue reading

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FeedbackReporter and Mantis

I’ve received a couple of reports from people having problems using my FeedbackReporter->Mantis integration script together with Mantis 1.2.x. This is mainly due to a change in the core API’s of Mantis which broke it. I’ve uploaded an updated script … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard upgrade at $29

Hey, I’m following the live coverage of WWDC and just read this nice detail… that is a good price for a little update, Microsoft should learn a lesson or two…

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FeedbackReporter and Mantis integration

I’ve just written a small script to store reports generated by FeedbackReporter on a Mantis system. It should come handy to keep track of your application crashes (crash? uh? My apps never crash! :-)) You can download it here. Simply … Continue reading

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Is your data secure?

Users with sensitive data might find it comforting to use disk encryption in order to prevent it to fall in the wrong hands, especially when this data is stored on a laptop. Hovewer, a new research shows that it might … Continue reading

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