“I am interested in purchasing a text link to my site on yours”

I’ve just received a suspicious email:


I am interested in purchasing a text link to my site on yours – tellini.info . Could you please advise what is the price for advertising space on your site?

Thank you in advance

Why suspicious?

For starters, I don’t get that many visitors to justify the many advertising offers I’ve been receiving lately.

Also, if you were serious about your offer, you’d send a better email, at least you would properly introduce yourself. Instead the sender used an address like “yahoo.comrosecamara@centrum.cz”, but set a reply-to to a different mailbox. I’ve googled a bit and the first address seems a known scammers fake email.

Finally, searching for the mail content on Google, brought me to this post of another blogger who’s had the same experience. It contains a link that explains why these people need those links.

In conclusion, this is an open answer to whoever is going to ask again: I’m not interested in helping you with your advertising spam!

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