Captcha breakers? No, thanks!

Several months ago, I’ve added a captcha check to the contact page to stop spammers from flooding my mailbox.

Today, with much surprise, I’ve received a comment to that post from a guy trying to sell his services:

We the leading Data processing company in Bangladesh. Presently we are processing 300000+ captcha per day by our 55 operators. We have a well set up and We can give the law rate for the captcha solving.

Our rate $2 per 1000 captcha.

We just wanna make the relationship for long terms. can we go forward?

What?! No, we can NOT go forward.


I didn’t even imagine that someone would employ people just to break captcha barriers and push spam through.


  1. Amir says:

    We live in an unequal world where some people would work hard for a whole month for an amount of money that you wouldn’t bother spending a few hours for.
    The really cool thing about the Internet is that it sometimes does make the world smaller.

    There’s no full-proof method of protecting your site from spam the same way there’s no full-proof way to protect your car from being stolen. The point is just to make things a bit harder and so make sure the bad guys go to someone else 😉

  2. Simone says:


    I just find it paradoxical to ask someone who declares “I really hate spam” whether he’s interested in spamming… 😉

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