LogMiner 1.20

Version 1.20 of LogMiner, my Apache/IIS log analysis package, is now available.

This version doesn’t require anymore libpqxx 2.5.5: it compiles as well with version 2.6.9 (I don’t understand why they had to remove a couple of really useful functions in the 2.6.x series, though).

The other most important change is that in case of SQL errors while inserting data into the DB, LogMiner won’t abort the parsing of the log. Instead, it will record the error and skip the log line that caused the problem. This fix has actually been inspired by lame spammers who keep on trying to exploit the contact page on this site; too bad that they didn’t study HTTP well enough: the content OF a POST request follows the headers, it doesn’t precede the method. 😉 They were causing LogMiner to try to fit the spam body into the VARCHAR(32) method column.