Resizing your Parallels 3.0 disk image

You’ve just upgraded to Parallels 3.0 but you realize that your virtual HD is almost full. Well, no problem: luckily there’s this ImageTool that allows you to resize disk images… uhm… no, wait… can’t find it… but… but… I was 100%25 sure it was here! :-O

Know the feeling? 😉

Sadly, in version 3.0 they removed this useful tool. Too bad that the disk image format has changed as well since v2.5, thus you can’t even downgrade just to do the resizing if you started your virtual OS with the new version.

Well, yesterday a certain Randyp posted an easy solution to this problem, which does the trick while the Parallels team works on the next update (which should provide a new ImageTool). Even if it requires a lot of space, it works flawlessly.

Kudos to Randyp! 🙂

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