Looking for “simone map editor”?

Every time I look at the referrer statistics of this site I can’t help noticing that many visitors came here while searching for “simone map editor” (or something similar) on Google or other search engines.

A quick query on my logminer database returned this data:

wiz=> select count(*) as hits,
count(*) / extract( day from max(req_time) - min(req_time)) as "daily average"
from accesses
         where referrer in ( select id from referrers where lower( referrer ) like '%25simone%25map%25editor%25' );
 hits |   daily average  
  510 | 0.697674418604651
(1 row)

It’s about one misled visitor every day and a half.

Will one of those wanderers please stop by and tell me what the heck is “Simone” (apart from being my name ;-)) and what’s so interesting in it? 🙂

[Late 2008 update: looking at the sites mentioned by those who commented this post, I’ve noticed that you might find what you’re looking for in the Tools section of http://www.open-tibia.com/. See? This wasn’t just another useless blog entry 🙂 ]


  1. One of those wanderers says:

    heh… Simons map editor is an editor for maps which u can use to play a gamen named Tibia (go tibia.com for more information) and u need it to create own maps.And i was just on the search for simones map creator xD.
    so good luck iwont come back on this page.

  2. Andrew says:

    haha so i’m one of those wanderers looking for sim0nes map editor. it’s a map editor for a MORPG (massive online role playing game) called Tibia. It’s areally fun game,however i’ve been looking for this damn editor for awhile and no such luck. anyway just thought i’d help you. if any at all.

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